VixTricks has gone live in August 2013 as yet another market analysis portal. Unlike majority of currently available online resource providing relevant and often contradicting information about individual securities that may petrify even savvy and experienced investors, VixTricks is different in it’s attempt to back up said analysis with a real live portfolio, performance of which you can track on a day-to-day basis to infer and assess accuracy of our judgement in each individual case. All of our articles and are backed by years of market experience, natural desire to make money for ourselves and pure altruistic intent of sharing said knowledge openly with investor community to the benefit of all individual investors.

With that in mind, please remember – market investing is a risky and unpredictable activity an there is no guarantee all or any of information on this site will yield profit.

Here at VixTricks our mission and goal is to help beginner as well as more mature investors to understand the market basics, fundamentals, trading instrument relationships (bond, equity and currency markets) and their impact on individual company stock, investment risk-reward and application within a concept of a structured portfolio – all through publishing our winning and loosing trades, as well as timing and price levels of position entry and exit.

We hope you will find resources and experience shared on this site helpful in your navigation of a fairly complex and unpredictable capital market structure.

Good luck in your ventures and please, simply enjoy the ride, whatever the outcome. Trading and investing in the equity markets can be both exciting and rewarding when approached with careful research and thorough risk assessment.

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