Recent events have shown that investment with long term growth expectations as we used to know it may not prove realistic. Just take a look at the recent housing boom, bubble and eventual collapse – it took more than a year to build up 350 point gain on the S&P (1200 to 1550 from July 2006 to August 2007) and a mere two months to collapse 450 points (from 1200 to 750) in October 2008.

In today’s world of information technology, where quickly disseminated material information, high frequency trading and hot trends that decline as fast as they are brought to life, the old model of “invest and forget” no longer works. An investor who wants to remain profitable and build long term portfolio value has to stay current and up to date on market developments and potential future directional moves.

Here you will find plenitude of market related information and knowledge to help you make sense of global developments on your own, understand ongoing events and the resulting market reactions – leveraging this knowledge will help you accurately analyze and react to arising opportunities in a timely manner.

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